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Cask sale

Make it BIGGER, but not only...

Have you ever dreamed that you had your own cask of Scotch single malt whisky? We will make your dreams come true. From rare specimens to experiments of young distilleries, we have access to a wide range of casks from classic and top distilleries from all over Scotland. Over the years we have worked with a number of partners to find and bottle the best whisky casks Scotland has to offer. If you would like to invest in the future of whisky or bottle your own whisky, simply get in touch with our team.

It is not complicated to make a right choice to put money in right assets by selecting casks from our offer. If you’re looking to invest money in a cask of whisky, you have arrived at the right place. Contact us here today if any questions arise.

long keeping whisky

They are pretty enough to own, aren’t they?

Brand Your Batch

There are just 3 easy steps with our experts from cask ownership to a personal brand:
1. Choose and own a cask.
2. Design a label.
3. The bottles are yours!

Make Solid Investment

Decide whether you buy a cask for further ageing of the selected whisky or just for fun. Or maybe for both? Owning a maturing cask of Scotch whisky can be a sound investment for the future. The contents become more valuable with time, whilst remaining safe from fluctuating financial markets. In the past our cask owners have enjoyed excellent returns on their initial investment. Want the same?

Reasons to invest in a cask

  • Fantabulous Returns The best performing alternative asset class, with estimated accumulative short-term returns of 40%, medium-term of 80%, and long-term 140%.
  • Maturating in Value Time is working for you. Whisky only matures in the cask. The older and more mature a whisky, the better the value. When an 8-year-old bottle stays an 8-year-old bottle even in 20 years. 
  • Safe and Secure Casks can only be held in government bonded warehouses and cannot be falsified or fabricated. 
  • Exclusive and Limited Each cask is unique. No two casks will ever be the same. 
  • Delightful Fund Whisky casks are a physical, visible active that you own. You can sample them, sell/buy them or even bottle them. 
  • Implementation Of Investments Our multiple exit strategies and global client base ensures a hassle-free investment exit.

How is it all done?

We are ready to help and support you at any stage.
Everything is simple and clear. First, barrels are sold in a live queue. Second, as soon as you select your сask, we will provide you with all the necessary documents and send you an invoice. Finally, when we receive your payment, you will get a receipt and the certificate of ownership.

What details should I think over?

  • Choose your price range. We are offering you a portfolio of casks from budget to luxury options. 
  •  We are ready to find the right option for you from a wide range of casks – any type, size and distillery. 
  •  If you are ready to purchase a cask for further ageing, how long do you want to keep it closed? If you are already looking forward to the pleasure of dram in a glass, when do you intend to bottle it?

keeping whisky

Selling the Cask

If you intend to multiply your investments and sell the purchased cask, then we will take on the obligations of your broker and will make the process of selling or bottling your whisky as simple and easy as possible.

Security & Protection

Casks of whisky are by law of Scotland stored in HMRC approved warehouses in Scotland, ordinarily at the distillery they were distilled. Records of every cask must be kept and relocation from the warehouse is licensed. As part of this process, each cask has a singular paper trail - a delivery order.

If you would like to invest in the future of whisky or bottle your own whisky, simply get in touch with our team.

We can help you in cask operations

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