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What if our exclusive and limited single cask bottling goes together with a fascinating landscape? Discover a world of rarity and real art treasure for whisky investors and collectors with us.


The true passion for whisky and art

The Arte Fabrica brand, as it is known, is a meeting of international minds, sharing a passion for Scotland’s classical drink. This is a creative project for people with a passion for whisky and art. To help celebrate varying tastes and preferences around the world, we have developed the brand through global collaboration, producing special collections unique to different areas.

Each release is unique and never repeated twice. We carefully select single malt for every release to showcase the soleness of each cask. Free from caramel colouring and chill-filtration.

As part of that range, #MGAW has been put together by an artist, a journalist, and whisky expert, Igor Maltsev.

Do not hesitate if you really want a rare diamond from the Whisky World to your collection or want to make a gift. Plunge into the atmosphere of the beautiful spirit and its rich heritage with Whisky World.

In order to become one of the proud art bottle owners, follow our announcements.

Start an exciting journey for even the most experienced whisky connoisseurs

The Distillery Gem is all you need.

glen grant

Unadulterated masterpiece…

Our experts have meticulously explored hundreds of whisky casks to hand pick those saturated with years of flavour, which can produce rare editions and nurture the unique, refined diamonds of the range. The Distillery Gem is available only in cask strength. Not a drop of water or caramel colouring passes into the process of creating this delightfully pure single cask malt, nor does it experience even a waft of chill-filtration. It is, quite simply, an unadulterated masterpiece.

We can provide you with exclusive whisky

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