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Expert Valuation

Find the Truth about your Whisky

Whisky as luxury items, rare ones in particular, can be, unfortunately, faked. Ever doubted authenticity of your bottles of whisky? Then you’d be interested in making valuation, and our team of whisky experts can help!

whisky bar Fake or genuine?

Why trust us?

There is the firmly established whisky society in the world, people who know whisky, collect it and communicate with other experts. We are taking part in this process – you can get a consultation about your collection from our experts. Fill out our contact form and we’ll be happy to give you expert valuation on your whisky. To understand what is your whisky worth, please complete as much information as you can and we will e-mail you, in return, with a valuation.

Take the first step and get in touch with our experts who will make review of your whisky/cask.

What do we need to start?

To get started we need as much detail as you can provide about your item(s). Try to include the following information:

      • Distillery/Brand
      • Age/Vintage
      • Volume & Strength
      • Photographs

Please note that we may need to contact you for further information before making our final valuation. There's no obligation to sell to us, and we’ll be clear and transparent with our valuation..

We can qualify your whisky bottles

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