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Irish whiskey is produced by a method of triple distillation. Barley, rye, wheat, oats undergo operation the following way: grain is soaked and baked in a special incinerator. Grain is ground and fermented. The wort is three times distillated, then goes to oak handmade barrels. Alcohol is maturated for minimum three years. The last stage is blending. Whiskey of different sorts and various barrels are blended and bottled.

Sorts of Irish whiskey

Alcohol is divided into four categories, according to brew’s composition and the place of origin:

  • single malt – made of barley excluding impurities;
  • single grain – made of any cereal, can be malted or unmalted;
  • pure pot still – pure whiskey, made in Scottish traditional pot stills;
  • blended – consists of above-mentioned sorts.

Organoleptic characteristics of Irish whiskey

High quality Irish whiskey is of moderate strength 40-46 degrees, has a beautiful color of dark amber with golden brown shades. The flavoring is soft and multi-tasted: you can feel fresh and dried fruits, spices, oak, wildflowers, nuts, heather honey.

Japanese whiskey

Japanese whiskey reminds traditional Scotch, according to taste. It has unique features – they resulted from climate, clean water excluding impurities, the method of producing. Japanese use distillation machines of different forms (not popular in Scotland Coffey pot stills).

You can buy original Irish, Japanese, other sorts of whiskey in our assortment. You’ll get high quality, a unique combination of taste, scent and a good price for original alcohol. It will please genuine admirers of strong alcohol and especially whiskey. We guarantee – you’ll definitely appreciate our selection of different alcohol types.

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